The Desire Map For Relationships


Proven strategies for safeguarding your relationship and happiness from the pressures of everyday life

  • Figure out what you really want in love and in life by uncovering the REAL reason you're feeling unfulfilled and flat 
  • Rearrange your priorities to get more quality time without compromising on your standards  
  • Feel more in control and less overwhelm from your endless to-do list
  • Improve intimacy by understanding how you can influence your levels of desire  
  • Balance your expectations of love with the realities of modern day life to feel more satisfied and happy on a day to day basis

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I didn't know what to expect, but I loved Brooke's session. It made me stop and reflect on what I want from life, and that's important too. ~Lauren 

Since our conversation a couple of weeks ago, I have been very conscious of my behaviour and how I respond/react, and what impact this has on myself and others around me. I have been happier and I’ve been able to reflect on what makes me happy. Mark has also noticed a difference, which is great. ~Lesa  

Well it’s over a month now and I can see and feel the change in my relationships. It was quite confronting for me to admit my faults, become aware of them and realise what I want and need in my life...I would highly recommend attending, you get so much out of this course... ~Ann-Margaret


What I enjoyed most about the session was realising the difference between desire and love and writing sensations of positivity. It made me understand what I want more of and in tune with what actually makes me happy. ~Lou